My Offers and Talk Show Proposals:

     A Partner, or An Agent / Investor / Publicist / Media Buyer / Sponsor or Large Book Publisher needed: this business is not a gambling as NYSE / Dow Jones & Company, it is a secure and very profitable investment. Make new editions of my book and video, buy 28-min infomercial time, I rpomise to generate many millions dollars and help people of many nations in prevention of many medical problems, prevention of aging and save on medical spending.

Screen Saver Manufacturing Companies - Make my "1-Min" workout "Energy Break" of "Get Energized!"
for the prevention and treatment of ergonomic diseases (and you will boom sale your products).


I am available to travel and for speaking / Consultant and Fitness Provider opportunities (3-min workout) on meetings, conventions and could be much beneficial for businesses and people than: Donald Trump, Dr. Phil McGraw, Jan Leno, Lance Armstrong, Jon Stewart, Katie Couric, Richard Branson, Bill Cosby, Bill Maher, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Michael Moors, Charlie Rose and many more. I will "shake up, energize" all your audience. I have a lot of energy.

--Offering to TV Talk shows: 20/20, 60 minutes, Regis and Kelly, Tonight, The View, Maury, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Jenny Jones, Good Day Live, David Letterman, the Doctors and etc, to invite me for an interview. It will be an interesting show.

--Former Mayor of City of Portland (OR) Vera Katz ignored my help and she got cancer which could have been prevented. Everyone Is Making Own Destiny! I not only don't want be sick and old, I'm going for it, I'm in charge of my health, I don't want to give my body in hands of doctors. I'm making myself healthy! For more information or proposals, contact us:

Pavel Goberman, the Fitness Guru! GET ENERGIZED!
P.O. Box 990, 
Beaverton, OR 97075 USA (503) 6 GET FIT 
 [email protected]
or call (503) 6 GET FIT (643-8348)

 --I'm a Creator, Founder, Contractor, Trading Partner, Health / Wellness / Fitness Provider / Trainer, Corporate Fitness Trainer, Speaker on the Health Care and Politics for your meetings, conventions and events. I'm a Titan, the BEST in approach to fitness and benefits to the people. I'm a Consultant and Advisor for federal government, including Medicare and Medicaid, states, local governments and the public and can save nation and the people many billions dollars on the health care. Shame on Medicare: it spending taxpayers money on health care but does nothing on fitness (prevention). This Offer is also to the health plans and systems, health care providers, health services, companies, organizations, businesses, groups and individuals:

1)To buy my book "Get Energized!", VHS video (DVD will be later on demand) with or without resistance bands. You could also buy it for your loved one as a "Gift For Health". First I'm selling not a book or video, but the benefits of this unique method of fitness for most women all ages, and men too. I do not see any better alternative to good health.

2) TV stations: insert in your mornings broadcast at about 5:31am, 6:01am and 6:31am, M-F, my 3-min fitness program "Get Energized!", starts from bed: for working people, military, students, homemakers, seniors and etc. Your "30-sec" TV commercial time will jump many times: all nation will watch my show and participate. I will get you viewers and customers from other stations,

3) TV stations: insert in your mornings broadcast at about 7:01am my unique fitness regimen: 10-min workout "Get Energized!"- for senior citizens, homemakers, etc. Your 30-sec TV commercial time will jump many times: I will convince everyone to use this workout for own benefits: prevent illnesses, save money on doctors, medicine, supplements, vitamins,

4) Operating System manufacturing companies: insert in your system my 1-min workout: "Energy Break" of my program "Get Energized!", as a Screen Saver for prevention and treatment of ergonomic and other illnesses, diseases. Every Computer Operator after 1-2 hours of work may use this fitness program. The sales of your products will increase, 

5) 3-min workot offered to companies, corporations and organizations for theirs employees on your work- places. There is no need for to change clothing, no need for a special place. I promise to help your company to save big money on health care, reduce sick days, increase productivity,

6) 10-min exercise classes are offered to general public: possible prevention of many illnesses, diseases (including cancers), slow down the aging process. 

7) 20-min special exercise program / workouts are offered to women with breast cancer in the early stage (It is very possible in 1 or 2 months prevent mastectomy for some women through this fitness regimen). I'm teaching how to make microcurrent in body which may kill the cancer cells. And it is working: the value of my PSA Test on Prostate Cancer is 0.6 ng (very good), and I'm 74 now. On donations. If you have a lack of money - free of charge

8) 30-min unique workout for to lose weight, burn up fat.

9) TV and Radio broadcast stations owners, videos, movies producers: I'm offering my 30-min Talk Show: "The Truth!" / "The Real People Are Talking!". It is about the life, love, family, sex, drugs, health care, fitness, success, work, vocation, Constitution, Flag, patriotism, etc. This show is not about movies, sport, etc "stars, celebrities" (I'm sick and tired of them), but the real PEOPLE, who are creating, building up, defending this country: builders, Truck Drivers, Machinists, Welders, Production Workers, Engineers, Architects, Doctors, Military staff, police, seniors, students, office workers, homemakers, etc.
-This show is unique, starts from my 3-min workout: my fitness program "Get Energized!". I challenge any Talk Shows: Dr. Phil, Oprah Winfrey, The View, Maury, Regis and Kelly, Rob Nelson, Jerry Springer, David Letterman, Larry King, Tonight Show, Nightline, Late Show, Jenny Jones, Charle Rose, Rush Limbaugh, Conan O'Brien, Good Morning America, Today, The Sharon Osbourne Show, AM Northwest, Martha Stewart, Good Day Live, Good Day Oregon, The Ellen Show and Ask Rita, etc. I have much more life experience, better education, smart, know a few languages. I'm in very good shape and health: push-up 55 times in 1-min, pull-up 8 times, lift on neck 80 lbs (I'm 74) and during swimming use butterfly strokes. I will get you viewers from other shows. I deserve a Nobel Prize for this unique method of fitness and going to earn it.

10) Message to President Obama, appoint me as a Health / Fitness Provider, Counselor, Advisor (or name it) and I promise to help save nation at least $30 billion on the health care. Appoint me as an Assistant of the Secretary of Labor and I promise to boom national economy, create a few millions jobs, reduce unemployment (I have 2 Plans).

-11) I have a unique plan for to help Portland Trail Blazers or any basketball team be # 1: do something innovative, unusual and it will lead to the victory.

12) Owners of Businesses, corporations, organizations and governments: the management of many businesses is very poor - the Receptionist, but not owner or CEO is making decisions. Sam Walton, the Founder of Wal-Mart stores, was an example how to run business. Invest in your business, in your employees health care, help all your employees be in good health - invest $17.00 only in every your employee: buy my book or video / VHS as a gift, "Gift For Health" and give to each employee and retiree as a Gift For Health (with order of 100 to 1,000 books or videos/CDs will be discount), and you will save big money. With order of 1,000 or more will be discount. Also is offering my video / CD : 1-min workout "Energy Break", which employees may use after every 1-2 hours work.

- Invite me to speak up (10 min) as a Motivator/ Consultant about fitness, health care and politics and I will "shake up, energize" (3-min workout) all your audience at meetings, conferences, seminars or conventions. It will be more beneficial than speeches and actions of the former President Clinton.

13) Health Plans, Health insurance companies, organizations and etc, I'm offering my help as a Health / Fitness Provider - possible prevention of many medical problems, including cancers through my unique fitness program. I'm offering my 3-min workout for your employees and book and video, demonstration of physical abilities of a senior of age 74 (me) to senior centers, retirement communities and etc. I can "shake up, energize" all nations.

-14) My special offer to Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil, you are talking very good, but .... are you yourself an example for all nation? I'm 74, pull up 8 times, how many times you could pull up? Can you pull up once? I do not think so. So, you need my help and I'm offering to you may help, and in a few months I will make you a Real Man, and your wife will be a witness.

-15)--Investors, Venture Capitalists, large book publisher or media buyers needed: a cure for cancer worth about $50 Trillion. Investment opportunity - print new editions of my book and video, make a few hundred thousand copies of book and video "Get Energized!", buy 28-min TV infomercial time and/or send me to all cities in the USA, Canada, England, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, India, Japan and etc. I will talk about the benefits of this fitness program to people, will demonstrate my physical abilities and in a few months I promise to sell a few millions copies. Everyone must use my method of fitness! Everyone! There is no better alternative to doctors, medicine, supplements and vitamins.

-16)-Shows Producers: let's to organize a competition between fitness providers - which fitness program is the best in approach to fitness and benefits to the people.

-17) Inventions: 1) Cars, including railroads / Trucks / Busses and Airplanes manufacturing companies, I have an idea of invention to make an "Emergency Stop Device", which could save equipments and lives. I didn't patent it yet, but filed a Disclosure Document Program. Welcome to do business with me, patent it and I promise to make you many millions dollars.
      2) Many people have back problems and I have an idea of to make "Back Pain Relief / Treat Device", which could be used on workplaces, by medical / health care providers, by individuals in home and etc, and promise to sell many millions.                                                                                                                               These devices are mechanicals, simple to make and cheap. I have no time for to concentrate on them and looking for a Partner or Investor.                                                                                                       

18) Let's organize in the Oregon Senior (70+) Health / Fitness Show / Competition: "The Fitter Senior."   This events will encourage seniors to participate in fitness activities and will save them and nation big money spending on the health care.                                                                                                                      
-19) Also Help Wanted, employment opportunity: Social Media Marketing and Promotion, using Twitter, MySpace, FaceBook and etc. I do not care about your education paper, but I care what you could benefit, promote my business. I'm looking for OnLine, Internet / Social Media Marketing, Publicist, Agent and etc - unlimited income potential.

 20) Businesses, I recommend you AOL as Internet Service Provider (ISP). It very relyable and cheap, compare with Verizon, Qwest, AT$T, Sprint, Clear, XFinity of Comcast, Fios and etc. I use AOL for many years.     Also I recommend businesses to use a Canvas Dreams as a Host of your Virtual Domain Name: (503) 914-1118 or 1-800-574-4299.

                                                             Pavel Goberman                                                                                       Get Energized! P.O. Box 990, Beaverton, OR 97075  (503) 6 GET FIT  [email protected]  [email protected]    


 Seniors, why waste big money and buy home for $200,000 or more, pay a lot of property taxes when you could buy mobile home for only $12,900 (or best offer) and pay only $6 property tax?                                                                               For sale by owner: Cute Fleetwood Manufactured Mobile Home in Beaverton, Oregon. 1 bdr (save money on heating), 563 sq ft (in 55+ senior community park), fully furnished, refrigerator, dishes, washer, dryer, TV, computer and copier, heat pump, air conditioner, 4 heating batteries and etc, in a very nice location (shops, Farmers Market, 4 blocks - library, 2 blocks - senior center, 1 block - bus lines, close to highways, quiet, no crime, carport for 2 cars (one parking lot is under roof), storage and  etc.  Rent a lot is cheap in metro area: only $330 a month. I lived here 12 years and saved $36,000 could be wasted on rent. So will and you. Very good investment.                  

Also car (7-pass. mini van) in good condition, runs good: about 35 miles per gallon on HWY. $900 OBO. Call: 503-643-8348

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