So many people are so scare of getting old and sick and die so early, but do nothing to prevent it.

Nation and individuals concentrate on treatment of medical problems, but NOT on preventions. But prevention, not treatment is the key to good health! And it is the best investment. More and more doctors are prescribing fitness activities for better health. Walking is good but it is NOT enough: we must put the body to work, on resistance exercises, but do not overdo it. There is no need for to spend big money on to buy supplements and vitamins, which could harm your health.

- The drug companies and some doctors for purpose of to make more money on drugs and medical problems created new diseases: Stress, Depression and etc, saying that you have stress and depression. I don't think it is a disease: everyone has difficult times. Switch your brain, do something, study and participate in fitness activities as my program, talk to friends and this difficult time may pass away. 

--Most medical organizations and drug companies want your money. More sick people - more profit for them. And I'm challenging them: invest a little time in using my fitness program and you will save big money and time on doctors and medicine.

--Suze Orman, so named Financial "Advisor / Expert" recommends to use vitamins and supplements. For what? They cost too much and useless. I do NOT use them. 
--She also recommends to buy, invest money in stocks, bonds and etc. The children are playing games, the adults are playing with stocks, as NY Stock Exchange and etc. And who is making big money? The brokers. It is a gambling. The best, very cheap and very beneficial investment is investment in in your health: to buy my book and/or video. They could help you prevent many medical problems, even save your life and save big money the health care.

Prevention! Not Cure! Is the Key!

--Dave Frohnmayer - President of the University of Oregon, Ed Ray - President of Oregon State University and Joe Robertson - former President of OHSU said that we need more medical providers as doctors, nurses and etc and .... money. Really?  Use Fitness First And Doctors Second. And use not only any fitness, but my method of fitness. Therefore I many years do not spend money of doctors and medicine. It is not surprise for me that Mr. Frohnmayer has many medical problems.
Many women for to hide extra fat wear Spanx underwear (shapewear), bras and etc. It is bad, they are cheating and hurting themselves. Doing this they are reducing needed blood circulation and oxygen consumtion, that could in the future lead to more fat and poor health.                                    
Life and science has proved that regular exercises (especially my fitness regimen) could reduce and prevent the risk of many medical problems including heart, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity,etc by as much as 60%, and could take 20 years off your age and save a huge amount of money on pills and doctors. About 31 Americans have Arthritis, 4 million American have Alzheimer's disease, 1 million have Parkinson's and this method of fitness may help in prevention. This unique exercise program may help in prevention of hear loss, help to fall sleep much faster. 

Breast cancer can strike everyone, any time, both women and men. There is no prevention, but my unique fitness program: make microcurrent in the body, which may kill the cancer cells, may prevent cancers. Self-examination and mammograms are not preventions, they are detections, and are not accurate. Diet and nutrition also are not preventions. Women are uncertain about what will be in the future. A waiting. Waiting for what? When the doctor will say: "You have breast cancer"? NO! You must do something! Try to use my fitness regimen, now there is no any other alternative. It may cut the risk of breast cancer and there will be no need for to do tests on cancers every year: it is the real prevention of many illnesses. Use my fitness regimen first and doctors second!         

 Attention to women with Breast Cancer in the early stage: it is very possible prevent mastectomy in 1 or 2 months through this fitness regimen. Sign up for exercise classes: special fitness program.

--American FDA approved Alli weight loss program, a diet pill that hurt so many American. It is a scam with support of FDA. Most drugs made from chemicals.

--Use my method of fitness - it could help you to burn up fat, prevent "Turkey Wings on neck and arms. In my book and video I'm teaching how to do it
--Oprah Winfrey likes to show her smile and shape, but...she left her arms and there is a big waved fatty, flabby meat, Turkey Wings under her arms. Oh, it is very, very bad, the meat separates from bones, as in very old person, and she is 53 only. Under a lot of make up and show-up her figure - the real Oprah is in not good health. What will be in 10 years?

Most women are using cosmetics, a beauty, makeup products as oil, bio-oil, creams, lotions, powders and others skin care products companies as Avon, Revlon, Mary Kay, Victoria Secret and other manufacturers. Most of these cosmetic products do not prove by the FDA. And many components of this cospetic products made from chemicals. Pushing these chemicals into own blood, women, and some men too, plug the pores of skin from needed oxygen. Result: later on so many women have sagging skin, so many wrinkles and so many medical problems.                                                                       

   And also so many children born with birth defects, premature and learning disabilities. And now the scientists started point out that using cosmetic and personal care make up "beauty" products could increase breast cancer risk, develop asthma and many others medical problems.                                                                                     

    For me it is NOT a surprise, I knew about it many years ago and never use any cosmetic products but soap only. Result: at 74 my skin is firm, a few wrinkles on face because I started use developed by my this unique method of fitness too late, in my fifties.                                                                                                                                 

And I have no any medical problems. My fitness program is the best cosmetic.

Rest your Body and you will Rust It!


Using this workout in the privacy of your own home will help you to avoid no clean health clubs and may prevent you from some viruses from air and touching equipment.  Many of us are gambling with our own health - not thinking ahead, having no any Vision for the future, too busy making money, and NOT participate in any fitness activities - and we are paying for it with big money later for nursing homes or dying with money.                                  




In the USA is a very high rate of divorce. Why? Because many men do NOT respect not virgin women. Many men and women have sex with many partners, live without be marry for many years, and later on separation.    And many have sexually transmitted diseases, many children born premature, with disabilities, many children born birth defects. 


 Many girls and boys have sex so early, lost virginity, many have many partners, many have sexually transmitted diseases.                                   Passed many years, girl met a good boy and want to marry him, but many men do want to marry not virgin woman.


   My advise: do not have sex before marry and a man will respect a virgin lady. Parents and teachers must teach children about it.                              

  And: competitions as Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Oregon, Miss California and etc, they must be an example for all girls, so, they must be virgins.


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